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melissandre varin is an undisciplined artist investigating love, intimacy, and tenderness in collectives/clouds from an Afro and Caribbean diasporic context. Relation, displacement, multiplicity, interdependency, and language emerge from their

loving better

24th April- 12th May 2023: papaya, collective production residency, KuFa, Kulturfabrik cultural centre, Esch, Luxembourg

12th May 2023: PAPAYA premiere at KuFa, Kulturfabrik cultural centre, Esch, Luxembourg

23 May 2023: host for Marquis Bey presentation“Jailbreaking Race: Abolition and Fugitive Blackness” invited by Dr. Ben Spatz, part of Lines of Flight 2023:BLACK METHODS

learning how to love

23rd March 2023: together in the mud, performance workshop, part of Staying with the trouble, Vivid Projects, UK
13th February - 3rd March 2023: papaya, embodied research residency, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, Luxembourg
19th January 2023: eco-feminist intimacies and my performance arts practice - MA Contemporary Performance program at Liverpool Hope University, UK
5th November 2022: Who's gonna clean the mess of/in your garden?, During Alberta Whittle's We gather and dream of new congregations, Grand Union, Birmingham,UK
October-November 2022: For What It’s Worth / Creative Research Cluster on human breast milk, part of Jess Dobkin's Welcome Milk Project, remote
11-16th October 2022: Fierce Lab, Birmingham, UK
13th October 2022: de la boue et des racines, part of We Make Tomorrow a summit exploring the urgency of climate justice organised by Julie's Bicycle invited by MAIA, Birmingham REP, Birmingham, UK
6th, 7th, 8th October 2022: stowage and what not, film curatorial intervention, Vivid Project, Yard Art House, Public House, Birmingham, UK
1st October 2022: A warm hug, casual talk and rocking on pillows together, Roxane Mbanga and melissandre varin, part of Roxane Mbanga's show NOIRES, San Mei Gallery, London, UK
29th September 2022: Who's gonna clean the mess of/in your garden? , part of Love, Celebration & the Road Ahead,  Hettie Judah's How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents) booklaunch, TJ Boulting gallery, London, UK
24th September 2022: Who's gonna clean the mess of/in your garden? Performance N’ Tha, SPILL YER TEA #6, Liverpool, UK

sending love


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10 artworks
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